App-a-Week — Evernote Peek + Evernote WP7

My app this week is a very clever use of the smart cover from one of my favourite companies ‘Evernote’. Evernote Peek works exclusively with the iPad 2 and smart cover in a question and answer style.


The app ships with some built in questions and answers with more to be downloaded. You simply lift the first flap of the smart cover to see the question and then lift the second to see the answer. Each time you lock your iPad a new question is revealed. Questions vary from Sushi to Music.

I think the real power in this application is as a study aid as Evernote Peek can download your Evernote notebooks displaying the header as the question and the answer as the first few lines of your note. Whilst this doesn’t working well for every note you could perhaps make your own notebook in the style of Evernote peek.

I highly recommend this app for any iPad 2 users that also have a smart cover, which I’m guessing is quite a few. Evernote Peek is available in the iOS app store for free.

Link :

I also want to mention that finally Evernote has released an amazing Windows Phone 7 app that really is one of the best mobile apps they have made. The app allows you to read existing notes stored in the cloud as well as new ones. Evernote for WP7 follows the standard UI design you can expect from all apps on the platform.

Just search Evernote in the marketplace to download for free.


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