App-a-Week — Downcast

With upcoming announcements from major companies like Apple, Microsoft and Nintendo I would imagine a lot of people will be receiving news and opinions through podcasts. Podcasts can be either video or audio that is downloaded or subscribed to via services like Zune and iTunes. An issue with subscribing through desktop applications is that a sync is required to get the latest podcast in your subscription. Downcast for iPhone/iPad aims to fix these issues by letting you subscribe on the go.

20110605-032116.jpgDowncast has a record of almost every podcast out there from major providers like TWiT, CNET and BBC as well as per category such as Arts or Education. Just like in iTunes you can subscribe to the podcast but instead of it automatically taking up space you can choose to stream or download them. Currently on the apple devices the only way to stream is to select individual episodes in the store and these don’t instantly show up in your feed either. Podcasts update immediately when you start the app and are shown in the unplayed section of the app.

Downcast however is much more than just a feed of podcasts as there is a lot of customisation available. Examples of the more advanced features : playlists, episode action, volume adjustment, skip 15 seconds – 2 minutes, speed up, sleep timer, sharing and much more. There is actually so much you can do with this app that it takes a little while to fully understand it and that is the only issue I have with this app.

This is my primary application for podcasts now, no longer do I subscribe in iTunes and then sync. Instead I know load up Downcast and stream all of my podcasts whilst sorting using playlists. If you are addicted to podcasts like I am then I highly suggest you switch your content management over to this app.

Downcast is available for iPhone & iPad as a universal app for only $1.99/£1.19.

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