App-a-Week — Miso

It’s been a slow week on the App Store this week so I wanted to blog about one of my favourite social apps, Miso. Miso is a social network that works the same as Foursquare allowing you to check in to TV shows and movies, you can check in, comment, share and see others watching at same time. The app is similar to Get Glue however I feel has an easier UI and is focused solely on video content. I personally have used the iPad app however this is entirely cross platform with their being clients for all major platforms.


On launch you see the trending TV shows and movies with artwork so you can instantly see what is popular right now. Tapping on one of the shows brings you to the show page where you can check in, see other peoples thoughts and follow the show which allows you to easily find the show next time you enter the app. There is also a search if the show you are watching isn’t trending, there is often duplicates in here but users quickly flag these so you check in to the correct show every time.

The app isn’t as fun when you aren’t interacting with other users on the app, debating opinions of episodes and commenting on your friends latest show. You can find friends that are linked to Twitter and Facebook, this then follows them on their Miso account. The Miso account is a little confusing as this service really could run by just having a Twitter or Facebook login. You can also see the shows you check in to most on your profile and see if these shows earned you badges. You can choose who you want to share the show with. If your friends on Facebook aren’t fans of 30 Rock but your Twitter followers are then you can select to only share with these people or you can just choose not to share with any social networks.


Miso is available for free in basically every app store, marketplace and on the web.

Link to universal iOS version :


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