App-a-Week – Inspiration Set for Pages (iPad)

I had previously owned this set from Jumsoft for the Mac and over the years it has helped me to create some amazing looking documents using templates provided in the Inspiration Set. Finally this set comes to the iPad version of Pages via an app.

The set includes 50 amazing templates spread across brochures, newsletters, posters, envelopes and more in A4 size either landscape or portrait depending on your choice. Due to limitations with Apple you have to open the app first then import these into Pages which is a little disappointing but not the developers fault.


I needed to create a document this week for university so thought what better time to try out this set. It took a while to find the perfect choice as there isn’t an easy way to preview all pages of templates like brochure. I then set to work in Pages where you can edit any element in the template. I occasionally found I was touching the background image which is quite easy in Pages, a few other issues such as resizing but replacing images was just a tap and replace which was simple. I was able to create a professional high quality piece of work by just modifying the template slightly and entering in my own text.


If your interested in using Pages more or if your just starting out with your iPad and want to see the power of Pages, I recommend this set to you. I hope Jumsoft decide to move to their Mac Keynote themes to the iPad next to provide even more high quality templates.

This set is available on the iOS app store for the low price of $1.99/£1.19 which really is a bargain, there is also a Mac app store version with similar extended themes for $19.99/£11.99.

Link :


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