App a Week – Showyou

There has been many social video apps released recently even being featured on the podcast iPad today as their theme. I’ve found that Showyou is the best of the bunch and the one I’ve came back to all week since it’s release Tuesday.

Showyou has been hailed as Flipboard for videos and to an extent it is, in some ways however it’s not. The basic layout of the app is a grid, that you can scroll in either direction with more popular videos shown larger than the less popular. Once you connect to Facebook and Twitter the grid becomes a lot more personal but it also includes selected content chosen at Showyou HQ.


There’s an emphasis on sharing in the app which can get confusing as these videos come from different places. If they come from Facebook a ‘thank’ is also a reply that is sent out to Facebook. If the video came from twitter a reply is a reply and thanking will tweet out to the person which really is spamming timelines. If I share a video in app I can share on Showyou which basically is your twitter friends who have the app or I can share out but this only provides a link so you have to comment. To get a video into the app it needs to be shared by email which again is confusing but Apple isn’t exactly going to add a share to Showyou button in their YouTube app.


All videos in Showyou are H.264 which means that their is no flash content, obviously as this is not supported but I’ve seen videos from both YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook proving that the lack of flash and videos is almost non existent. Showyou have also enabled AirPlay which is very useful when you want to see the latest video in the grid on the TV. There is another view for videos that shows recent videos shared by friends pulled directly from Twitter and Facebook which is a much better way to view these rather than trying to find them in feeds and walls.

I really like Showyou, it is the best social video app but it doesn’t have good competition with others like Squrl just being confusing. Once they solve the sharing issue this will be a top app to have on any iPad or iPhone.

Showyou is available for free on the iOS app store universally for iPhone and iPad.

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