App a Week – Grades 2

My app this week is a sequel to a popular app that is perfect for students called Grades. Grades 2 let’s you calculate your estimated or overall grade for a specific module or subject. I found the first Grades slightly confusing to work out but the new one has really been cleaned up in terms of usability, plus it’s now free with ads or in app purchase without.

The first step in Grades is to enter your subjects and modules which is an easy process with quirky tutorials guiding you through. Entering in the weighting of the module for the overall year allows Grades to figure out the grade you need to reach the target you set. You can also enter a due date for the project but I feel that this is better handled in a separate app like iStudiez.


Grades 2 also has a GPA calculator which I couldn’t test as I’m not an American student however I presume this works well based on the rest of the app. I have two portfolio pieces left for uni work so was very easily able to see the estimated grade I would get and the marks I need to look towards getting. I just wish that Grades 2 has been out at the start of the school year, however I will definitely use this more in Year 2.


I highly recommend this app at it’s new price and with the new UI and it’s a must for all students. It unfortunately isn’t available for iPad but the iPhone version works fairly well and I’ve heard there is some demand for an iPad version so perhaps that will come in a future update.

Grades 2 is available free in the iOS app store.

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