App a Week – Zapd

I’ve been playing a lot of games on the iPad this week such as Hop, Contract Killer and N.O.V.A 2 which I definitely recommend. I want to keep my blogs about apps though and found a really good app for creating basic webpages called Zapd.

The main purpose of Zapd is to create static webpages that include images, text and links. Images are taken using the camera or from the photo library, any type of basic text and links can also be added. There isn’t any other content to add and no HTML to deal with making this a great app for the average consumer rather than a web developer.


The app comes with a great selection of themes that are very well designed and sometimes relevant to the season such as the spring theme. There are around 20 themes to choose from so anyone can find one to suit them. Once you’ve uploaded your content you can then share a custom link conveniently via Twitter, Facebook or by email to friends and family.


The site literally takes around a minute to make and upload which is pretty incredible. You can also edit the page after to add more photos, which would be a much quicker way to create an image gallery rather than a blog. One unfortunate thing is that the page created is static with no interactivity. I believe it just creates an image with your chosen layout, the layout however does adjust for the type of device it’s used on such as iPad, iPhone and desktops.


There is no iPad version of this app yet, but expect it to come soon enough. Zapd is available in the iOS app store for free.




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