App a Week – Photogene

My app for this week (after some delay due to iPad 2 launch) is one I often use when writing my blogs for basic photo editing, however I’ve been exploring this app further and it is extremely capable for the price tag. Photogene for iPad could almost be considered as a photoshop for iPad. Photogene is also available for iPhone however I haven’t tried this version and having the larger screen for something like this is a great advantage.

Photogene on launch shows all photos already on the device ready for editing without having to use a photo picker. When you click those photos it creates its own copy so the original isn’t touched, it can be exported in many ways such as Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and the camera roll. Even without any editing it’s a great social tool for easily sending photos up to many services. Basic editing includes rotating, cropping and text; all features which should be part of iOS to be honest.

More advanced features include full adjustments like Photoshop like saturation, hue, colours, contrast, sharpness, retouched and shadows. All of these adjustments are very powerful yet easy to use on a touch screen and almost process instantly in most cases. You can also use enhancements for blurring, adding frames, reflections and more. Finally there are presets which is a large range of adjustments and enhancements that can add Instagram like effects without going to more advanced details of the photo, this is good for quick editing and again can also be powerful in practice. You can also save your own adjustments here for editing later on.

The only minor issue I have with this app is that the UI doesn’t use any of the standard conventions set by Apple even opting to have a ugly top bar. I can understand that some icons need to be custom but to reinvent the top and bottom bar seems unnecessary.

I highly recommend this app, it offers almost all of the features of high end photo software brought to the iPad for an amazing price.

Photogene for iPad is available for £2.99/$4.99 on the iOS app store.

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