App a Week – Sky News for iPad

It was very easy to pick an app this week as I’ve been using this app almost every day of the week. Sky had a press launch for their new iPad app earlier in the week promising it as the third main broadcasting medium, I almost agree.

The first thing you see when entering the app is either the timeline or top stories. The timeline shows you the days events in video form, the timeline actually scrolls for up to two days so you can go even further. The top stories lists the news based on importance which I assume means most popular or breaking news.


I think the layout is a great way to display, however much can be improved for example to access an article you have to click the video, therefore loading this video. Not the best for 3G networks or slow wifi networks however streaming is the fastest I’ve seen in any iPad app. Another issue is that there isn’t any categories, it’s simply news. This is another issue it seems only the main news is covered for example mainly Libya and Japan at the moment. I haven’t seen a single instance of any other news that has happened over the past week, which is a shame as it’s just a scrolling timeline of disaster.


Once you’ve clicked a video it can be stopped or made smaller by pressing one of the interactive elements such as articles, more video, quotes, maps, tables and touchable images. This is a really good way to present information whilst you continue to watch the video. You can also tap the back story information and seeing every other related article sorted by date incase you didn’t know the story.


Overall for a free app, soon to be paid to none Sky subscribers it’s an amazing app that provides some quality content, I only wish there was more variety.

Sky News for iPad is available on the iOS app store in the UK only.

Link :

Other recommended apps this week : Aiyo Magazine, Incredibooth, Daily Clip.


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