App a Week – Spout

It was very hard this week picking an app with so many great new apps entering the store and me discovering some other popular apps. I could go on about how amazing GarageBand and iMovie is but I’m sure they’ve been done by now. Other good apps I’ve used this week include Inkpad, Zite, Angry Birds Seasons and Tiny Wings.

However I’ve decided to choose an app I read about on Razorianfly called Spout. This is a new and interesting way of checking Twitter and Facebook statuses at a glance. Text transitions in by different positions displaying both large and small text with a thumbnail image.

The speed can be changed but the slowest speed is still way too fast to view at a glance. Hopefully this is sorted, you can however have a time limit for how long the tweet is displayed after it transitions but this also moves around slightly which is distracting. There is also no way to respond to the tweets which is unfortunate.

Despite it’s flaws Spout is a great new way to see the latest tweets and has to be appreciated in video rather than screenshots which is attached from the developer.

Spout is available on the iOS app store as a universal app for iPad and iPhone at 59p / 99 cents.

Link : Spout


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