App a Week – Architizer

I’m going to try a new series of small blog posts where I write about an app I have found or used during the week. It maybe for iPhone, iPad or WP7 however it will mainly be iPad as I use this most.

The first app I’ve found is called Architizer, it’s main purpose is to show architecture both external and internal from around the world. It’s a great app for those interested in design and showcases some interesting buildings. The layout of the images is particularly good and seems to showcase some of the more prominent pieces of architecture.


The designs can be sorted into many categories such as home, interior and museums as well as being able to search for specifics. The app allows you to share these out to Twitter and Facebook which provides a link to the website.


Another interesting part is once you click the first image you are able to see several other images of the building. By clicking again you can find out even more information such as it’s origins, location, year built and designer.


Architizer is available for free on the iOS app store for iPad only.

Link :


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