Before Going Back to the Mac

Apple reported a record quarter yesterday with $20 billion revenue selling 14 million iPhone’s and 4.1 million iPad’s and only 3.8 million macs consisting of 6 ranges. Why go back to the mac ? A new product introduced two quarters ago outsold your 25 year business.

I’m also lacking love for mac right now after a lot of issues with hardware over the past year or so and little love from apple itself. For the first time I haven’t recommended the mac when someone asked. The hardware reliability is shockingly bad and hopefully this is fixed. I’m hoping for a few things tomorrow as software is the only thing saving the mac in my opinion.

First a new UI, it’s feeling very old now with aqua scrollbars and brushed aluminium. I believe that the new UI will go for a White style similar to that of the new iTunes which Apple has used to experiment with new UI for years and hopefully the scrollbars from there are transferred into the rest of the mac. I have also heard rumours of quick look turning white instead of black and expect to see this throughout the OS. Another rumour involved the rubber-banding UI that is on the iOS devices that could be activated using a magic trackpad/mouse, this sounds like a really good idea with pull to refresh being possible, imagine this in Safari.

I’d also like an app store for the Mac as it’s getting hard to find new interesting apps after tweetie removed adverts (which I found relevant) and version tracker moved to CNET. I don’t think apple would need to host them just curate them and over an easy install process compared to the mess of install processes right now on the mac which for new users is very confusing. I think something that won’t happen that I want is iOS apps on mac I don’t see any reason why with controls from the magic mouse/trackpad that apps couldn’t be run, they of course already have the simulator and iPad apps such as iStudiez would be amazing to add to mac apps and would open the mac to the biggest app library in the world. There could be a few UI glitches but apple could put an A4 chip into future macs for little cost to help not need simulation.

Finally I’d like to see that $1 billion data center put to work. I’ve had a real issue recently with syncing files between machines as I use one at uni and another at home. Dropbox has helped so far but it’s not as integrated with the Mac as MobileMe is. Think of a MobileMe plus where data can be synced such as photos, music, video and documents within each folder and pushed to each device. There is also the possibility to run cloud apps.

In terms of hardware I would like to see a new MacBook air, the rumoured new air sounds very interesting. The faults I currently have wit my own air is battery life, the limited RAM, limited storage and slow hard drive. Apple looks set to correct almost all of these except storage set to be addressed. Even storage could be sorted with the cloud. I am interested in the air and may purchase one only if it has at least 4GB of RAM, it’s current major downfall. Reasonable pricing wouldn’t be too bad either.

I hope Apple fulfills tomorrow otherwise the death of the Mac maybe closer than expected.

*Written on iPhone. Sorry for any mistakes.*


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