A New Start

As many of you know, I started university this week. I am now officially a student at the University of Sunderland, studying computer science. The first few days have been induction where I found out a little more about the place and the course.

The main module is 100 credits towards 120 and contains work on HTML, CSS, Java, C# and general computing. Some things look like a repeat of what I already know for a while, but then advancing to a new level. There is then a 20 credit module containing a look a operating systems. It sounds like an interesting start and the first few pieces of work aren’t worth as much so I can figure out the different ways of marking and how to structure the essay.

I do still love the uni campus, it is one of the reasons to go there. The main building I’m in is mainly open plan with a great number of computers throughout which seem reasonably fast although the keyboards are disgusting! Think I’ll take my Apple one. The other buildings also seem nice and I’ll be in there for a few lectures. I think I’ll like how the lectures are with all computing students as I’ll be able to speak to others in other subjects. The staff all seem friendly but I haven’t met the full teaching staff as this will happen next week when lectures start.

The campus is situated next to the river and feels separate on it’s own from the rest of the city, sometimes this is good as its often quieter and sometimes bad as it’s further away from the food places, the main campus has a Greggs!

I think in this first week I have been very lucky to meet the people I have. I have already found three (what I would consider) good friends. One in my course and two in networking, I’ve spoken to them quite a bit in and outside uni and they all seem really nice and I can’t wait to spend more time with them.

It is quite interesting finding out things about new people such as where they come from, what they have been doing and why they are here. Meeting new people, never mind speaking to and forming friendships is completely out of my comfort zone, a few years ago I wouldn’t have been doing that. I would try my best to stick to people I knew, but I had this opportunity for a new start and with that comes new friends. I saw someone I used to know from sixth form hanging out with someone else from sixth form and it was just them, no new people at all, there was me sitting with three completely new people, chatting away and I just thought what a lost opportunity.

One thing that did concern me about university was the travel, I live about one hour away. It hasn’t be as bad as I expected I’ve been able to get to Sunderland in around 25 minutes from Newcastle and about 40 from other stations. The only issue is getting to a station, I can’t always rely on my parents to be around for a lift so guess I will have to get a bus or train which maybe difficult on early mornings. I am also dreading the ice / snowy mornings too. I’ve been able to listen to my iPhone getting through podcasts that I normally wouldn’t have time to listen to which is good.

One thing is for sure I am still really glad with my university choice over the others and hope this continues for the three years I study there.


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  1. Harry

    Do you know HTML and CSS or C# and Java.
    Good luck with you studies.

  2. Harry

    It is a good Uni? I would like to came here.
    But I have to wait… I going to apply in ’12.

  3. Harry

    Thanks ^_^
    How many students are at Computer Science and how many hours per week do you do?

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