A Level Results

It’s nearly a week since I received my A-Level results and got a place at Sunderland University to study computer science. It’s still all of a shock and hasn’t fully sunk in until now. For those that didn’t know I received an A* A for Double ICT, A for Business and a pass in iMedia which I received early about 10 months ago.

I do think I deserved those results, and, for those that say its getting easier: It’s really not!
I worked hard throughout sixth form working regularly on ICT work and often exceeding expectations with very high mark. I also managed to keep a good social life. I would love to say the teachers helped me, but, frankly, they didn’t, and I’m glad I can finally say that without facing repercussions.

The thought of leaving sixth form is weird. It doesn’t feel like two years have passed. Surprisingly, a lot did happen in those two years — reconnecting with old friends, losing best friends, and making new ones. Do I regret some things? Maybe. I think there is also a few people I will miss and probably won’t speak to again as they head off to different universities across the UK. As my sixth form is located in the high school, it was all the same people that continued on from Year 11. I think if there was ever a reunion, I would definitely go to catch up.

In some ways I am glad to leave forever. There were so many issues with my school that I wouldn’t know where to begin.

Teachers I found to be the issue with many just making it up as they went along and not knowing not knowing the exam board. There was times when they would not understand the application the students were using to create the work they were being examined on.

I was actually asked at one point to show the class how to use Flash. I learnt Flash by myself that year as no teacher was capable of helping, so I received no guidance what so ever. Other students were using software that was so out of date and being told it was ‘industry standard.’ If anyone can care to explain to me how Flash MX 2000 and Paint Shop Pro are standard, then I would gladly argue with them!

The course required some shocking things — adding clipart to a supposed graphics package being but one example. Deadlines were shocking. One teacher (who shall remain nameless) wanted to set weekly deadlines for tasks that could not be done in a week, for a unit that didn’t need to be handed in for months. There was also times when said teacher wouldn’t actually meet there own deadlines and we’d wait months for results which was too late for some students. Of course when collecting my results, none of these teachers were to be seen. I didn’t get an A Level through their teaching all they did was mark my work and I learnt the work.

Through all this hell at least I know it was a stepping stone to university; where real learning can happen and not something that just meets an exam board’s criteria. I’m very excited about university and think it will be great to learn and discover as well as meet new people. I plan to take one year out as a placement and have some pretty good ideas of what I’d want to do for that.

I am nervous! Whenever I’ve moved up from first, middle and high school there has been people I’ve know — now there is no one. I’ll definitely blog about the next few years at university and can’t wait for what is ahead.


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