iPad limitations

Recently when my iMac was in repair I tried to use my iPad as a computer with the exact same tasks that I would do daily on the Mac. The iPad is in a different category to a computer so there was some limitations.

I have the iPad dock and the first thing that began to annoy me was that I couldn’t dock it landscape, the iPad really is better in landscape but I could use the keyboard in this way.

Another main limitation was no multitasking it’s quite annoying to go between pages and find the just opened app such as going between safari and pages, hope this is fixed soon with iOS 4. However another multitasking issue that just won’t be fixed is that I couldn’t watch a video at the same time as doing another task which is something I do regularly, however running the iPod at the same time was great.

The flash situation is getting better and better every day however there is still some video that couldn’t be viewed or I had issues viewing such as the twit live stream which seemed to cut out every so often. I also couldn’t view some music videos in YouTube but most of the videos that I can only view on flash on the computer due to ads were viewable in the app.

The locked down system also meant I couldn’t download any files that weren’t supported such as RAR and Mac DMG files but this is a obvious issue to begin with and not something that happens daily with their being the app store.

I also think the iPad needs a front facing camera like the iPhone 4 which at the time I didn’t have so had to use my MacBook Air to take a dailybooth photo or speak on iChat.

The final issue I found was that sometimes the iPad will be very slow, this only happened a few times but was an issue. Apps would sometimes fail to launch or games saw frame rate issues. A quick restart solved this issue so I believe it is just a lack of RAM and that it will get faddier when optimised in iOS 4.

I have noted every limitation I encountered during the week, for others however there maybe more but I didn’t find the lack of USB etc. an issue.

I did however enjoy using the iPad for a full week as my main ‘computer’ and found there was some things I could do on iPad that the Mac lacked. Apps such as gaming, magazines and different ways of news.


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  1. As a lawyer, I use my iPad all the time as a word processing, note taking and light computing device. I find that it fits into my life perfectly for commutes and long train journeys to court where my bag is already full and I don’t want to have to whip out my laptop on a train.

    Indeed, I was thinking the other day that I could maybe ditch the laptop for journeys all together and just iPad-it all the way. It seems to have worked thus far. The only criticism of the iPad I have is lack of multitasking. When I am working I often want to look at a PDF, browse the Internet and type in rapid succession, often for the same task. There’s also the fact I want to switch between typing and checking my many emails …

    Roll on iOS4 for iPad!

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