iPad App Recommendations [UPDATED]

We Rule, We City, We Farm – Many know I love these apps, similar to farmville but in my opinion better and designed for touch especially iPad

News – I get news in a variety of ways such as :

Flipboard which offers magazine style news selected and including facebook and twitter

Sky news has a lot of video as well as timelines and news articles

Early edition is good for RSS feeds displaying like a news paper

Reeder is best google reader app with good UI

Metro app is also good for quick news

Guardian Eyewitness – The day summed up with one photo, looks beautiful on the screen.


Airvideo – I use this to stream over wifi unprotected video without syncing and also to convert videos and playback on iPad and Apple TV

iPlayer – BBC has a great HD version of iPlayer

Movies Now HD – Great for checking trailers and times.


iWork – Pages and keynote is crucial for iPad and work really well displaying documents and keynotes with great performance and almost as fast as using it on a Mac. I think that Numbers is a disappointment though and wouldn’t recommend it.

Note taking – Evernote is my main note taker syncing up to the cloud and allowing location, pictures, audio and text notes.

iTeleport – Best VNC client for viewing computers screen

Goodreader – To store multiple files

Mindnode – The best mind mapping application

Instapaper – For saving news articles for later viewing

iStudiezPro – I plan to use this extensively when I go to uni.

Calcbot – The best calculator that includes a listing feature so you can find calculations.

Dropbox – Access all my synced files

Magazines –  I regularly read GQ, Wired, and Time Magazine. I also subscribe to magazines from app publisher Pixel Mags (@pixelmags) and with Zinio

Games – Angry Birds, Chopper 2, Monkey Ball, Mirrors Edge, Zen Bound, Avatar, Brothers in Arms 2, Shrek Forever After, N.O.V.A HD, Flight Control HD, Blokus, Gangstar HD, Little Things.

Social – I find that Facebook works best in the web browser and that Twittelator Pro is the best Twitter client currently.


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  1. I always think the best app for iPad, bar none, is The Times (UK)! It’s just like the newspaper and now has the supplements! With that and iBooks, eliminates all the paper a used to carry about for sure!

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