Youtube (2009)

I really wish I had some form of talent although the people that entertain me on there rarely ever do there just normal people who struck it big such as iJustine who makes videos in her kitchen with a green screen blanket and auto tune in Garageband. I wish I had the guts to do something like that and accept the haters but its a long way to become a YouTube partner, I’ve got everything to do it if i wanted, doubt I ever will. I’d love to earn 3 grand a month like supermac18 but probably never will. I love how I’m even entertained by sxephil (PhillyD) moving home and watch this stuff and give him the money to move home to LA and how they can moan about how terrible it is to move. I guess its a long way to the top on Youtube and they deserve the right to moan even with all the cash from their so called ‘Work’.


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